Raffle Item 002 - Owl Pendant + One Greens Powder
Raffle Item 002 - Owl Pendant + One Greens Powder

Wild Greens Sovereignty

Raffle Item 002 - Owl Pendant + One Greens Powder

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An owl feels spiritual by nature. It's flight silent, movement swift and character wise. This piece is meant to reflect the balance we strive to attain in life. Reflecting a perception of depth through chromatic color, also representing a spectrum of who we are as people integrated together from all around the globe. An inclusive atmosphere for each of us, gathering knowledge from each others culture and experiences. Turned into generational wisdom.

Artwork Value - $300

Artist - John Velten NWS

Size -6cm x 1.5cm 0.8mm 

Sterling Silver. designed by hand, Laser cut/Engraved and hand polished

Partial funds from this raffle will be allocated to cover the packaging costs of our biodegradable single-use greens packets. 

These are the packets that we will be donating to local homeless communities and Indigenous peoples on the front-lines.

Carrying around a glass jar isn’t practical for all members of our communities 

and we want to be able to offer our medicine to as many people as possible — in an easy approachable way.

Single-use packets that can be torn open and added to water feels like the best way to achieve this.

Our shared resources will be used to serve our communities from the ground up.

We believe that accessible distribution of medicine is not only necessary, 

but the only way to heal our communities in a way that leaves nobody behind.